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When George Tharakan and his wife Sumi decided to open their doors to tourists three years ago,

they were sure of the experience they sought to offer. They wanted people to feel part of the family

in their 125-year-old house, soak in the leisure of the surrounding gardens and step out to discover

the beauty of the idyllic life in the coastal town of Ezhupunna. The traditional home, with its antique

woodwork, granaries and solitary attics, has a persona of its own – one that beckons you to discover

and relish the very meaning of heritage.

Having worked in the hospitality sector for nearly five years and hosted tourists from across the

world, George Tharakan is adept at tailoring a fulfilling tourist experience. From accommodation

to travel and custom-making local experiences, George’s watchful eye oversees every aspect. At

their ancestral house, Sumi makes visitors feel at home as she goes about cooking Syrian Christian

delicacies garnished with warmth and love. The house, in its 12th generation now, has its own stories

to tell as you wander around, admiring an ornate lock here and a century-old plaque there.

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